Dr. Sedlacek is the most thorough, honest and compassionate person I have ever come across. She not only hears what the patient is saying but more importantly she listens. She is now my primary doctor.

Kimberly T.

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I would like to thank Carmen and the staff at the pharmacy for helping get all my prescriptions filled.  you went above and beyond to help me and my husband.  We are truly grateful for your quick response.

Somer B.

I met Dr. Bassing for first time today and was very impressed. She and her staff were very thorough and cared about me as a patient and all I met were very friendly and helpful. Thank you for all you do!

Don T.

She [Dr. Willman] listens when you talk and asks questions to make sure she is understanding your concerns. And when she gives her answer or diagnosis, she checks to make sure you understand how she came to that conclusion. If you have a follow-up question she doesn’t get offended, she will just explain it in more detail.

Jake R.

Best pediatrician in town. He has treated both my boys since they were newborns. He is very kind & friendly. Explains everything very patiently. Our family trusts his treatment 100%. Doctors like him are rare to find. Way to go Dr.Krell

Harshavar K.

Dr. Reynolds is truly a quality physician! Whether I have been her patient or accompanied family members, I have always been impressed. She is an active listener and genuinely cares. She will not let you leave her office without a clear follow-up plan. And lastly, Dr. Reynolds is professional but also very friendly and bubbly. Her personality is very likable!

Deborah P.

Compassionate, it is very clear when she [Dr. Lori Hansen] walks into the room that she is well-versed in your case and all your current situations, she stays on top of my complex, myriad lung issues. Always listens to you and wants to know how you’re feeling how this treatment program is working when you talk she listens. You don’t walk in the room and she just hands you a treatment plan. She discusses things thoroughly with you and asks your input. I really am impressed by her. She is very knowledgeable works well with other doctors when you have various medical issues. I really can’t say enough about her I completely trust my health to her and since I started going to her as a pulmonologist my asthma, COPD, radiation damage lung condition has improved and I definitely have had an improved quality of life.

Mary D.

I went shopping after the sinus procedure and had no recovery problems!  It feels so good to be able to take big deep breaths and smell things again!

Cindy W.

The nurse working at the North entrance was very, very personable and kind.  It was a nice way to enter the clinic under the current environment.  He was outstanding.

Adam M.

I learned so much today from Dr. Nielsen, and that really means a lot to a new patient dealing with something as concerning as what I was diagnosed with. I feel so much more confident than what I was coming into see him. He is a great doctor to have here in Yankton.

Jean F.

I was only in the waiting room for a few minutes and the nurse took me to a room. Once the nurse was done it was only a few minutes before Dr. McKenzie Hanson came in to see me. Dr. McKenzie was super friendly, very efficient, and gave options for treatment and possible causes for my issue. Once we were finished the nurse came back rather quickly with my appointment for my referral. The nurse was fantastic and very helpful, she even offered to go back to Dr. McKenzie to discuss something with her for me. Thanks for everything you do!

Tara S.

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Dr. Pepper is incredible. She is personable and remembers you and your baby from the previous visit. She is upbeat and extremely intelligent. I’m a first-time mom and she has informed me on many products that could be helpful for my baby. Dr. Pepper gives great advice and ideas for transitioning through different stages of having a baby.


Dr. Eichfeld has been an awesome fit for me as my OB doctor. She is very friendly, personable and compassionate toward her patients. She helped calm my anxiety and stress level as my due date got closer. She always reassured me that everything was going well and always took the time to talk with me at each appointment and answer any questions I had. She came to deliver our daughter even though she wasn’t on call. She is amazing! So glad I was referred to her by a girlfriend.

Meghan A.

Dr. Bassing is very professional and thorough. She explains your situation and relates so you can understand exactly the situation. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has arthritis. In fact, I have recommended a few friends to her, and they are glad I did. She is top-notch.

William T.

Dr. Reynolds is an excellent doctor who truly cares. She listens to everything I say and asks questions to make sure she understands the problem. She is so knowledgeable. She also makes sure I’m up to date on tests that one needs. I very much trust her with my health and highly recommend her to my family and friends.

Jill L.


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